About Jess

I'm Jessica Lea, the mastermind behind the lens. I fell in love with photography via my love of Architecture. As a young child, I took a camera loaded with black and white film to the city of Savannah, GA to take photos of the beautiful historic buildings there. To this day, Savanna is still one of my favorite cities. I have Natalie Portman (Where the Heart Is) to thank for the realization that I could and should make photography my career! I fell in love with the vintage twin lens camera she used, and it's still part of my logo/brand identity today.

As for myself, Jacksonville, FL is where I call home, but I'm completely in love with Tampa, FL! I shoot there so often, I call it my second home base. I live with two, rotten to the core, Dachshunds, Jersey and Little Man. They are a truly interesting pair of housemates!

When I’m not working (AKA, taking photos, editing, and designing), you'll can find me binge watching Friends for the 900th time, flexing my creative muscle in the kitchen, shopping for shoes I surely don't "need", fixing up/joyriding in my Mustang GT (5 speed folks, don't play), and contemplating what in fact I'd like to have for dinner. Rinse and repeat.
That being said, I’m an easy-going gal that would be honored to capture your memories. So let’s head to Disney, take a trip out of town, grab greasy burgers in a diner, or hobnob it up over some fancy cupcakes (or doughnuts nom nom nom). Shoot me a message and let’s start planning your amazing adventure!

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